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Raakesh Kriplani
Consulting Psychologist

Raakesh Kriplani is an practicing psychologist by profession from last 14 years and human resource trainer for many corporates

Raakesh kriplani is an inspiring Indian motivational & International speaker and a corporate trainer of international repute. He has conducted training programs for the corporate sector and student community all over India and abroad. He is also the visiting faculty for some of the top-notch management institutes of the country. Consistently ranked among top Indian motivational & International speakers, his seminars and workshops are well known for their high quality content backed by his unique and entertaining style of delivery. His energizing sessions are insightful and stimulate participants to unleash their innate energies, fulfil their potential and create an intense desire for success and personal excellence.
A post graduate from clinical psychology and practising as psychologist from last 14 years.
He has delivered 730 workshops with more than 150 organizations till date
An inspiring speaker he believes that people understand and learn more through doing. Consequently his seminars and workshops are highly participative and action-oriented
Raakesh kriplani as other believes that western psychology is an abstract from Indian psychology and we have many hidden knowledge to explore
He has dedicated his professional life to the propagation of his message, which is respecting the divinity, recognizing the uniqueness and the infinite potential in every individual and the importance of being a good human being.
He is an expert in cultural change, corporate excellence, team formation, leadership models and learning
Raakesh KRIPLANI is an internationally recognized leadership expert, speaker, and who has over thousands As every year, he addresses to CEOs, Multinational companies, Business schools and Government officers, Police Officials, Scientists, Judges, Spiritual Gurus, Professionals, Teachers, Managers, Bankers and young Executives.
RK is honoured and invited on the board of several educational and management institutes, Raakesh kriplani RK psychotherapy for success which is an international training firm, helping millions in achieving their insights. He passionately offers learning solutions to the organisations to achieve international benchmark and gain competitive advantage over their competitors. The masses of trainers, he is singled out as class performer for his contribution in Adult learning and Corporate Governance.
Raakesh KRIPLANI has dedicated his entire life by demonstrating how each and every human being can truly craft their destiny with dignity. His passion revolves around enlightening people and focus always in creating value based and principle driven society. His major concern is to develop society there by making people reach new horizons and heights in their personal and professional career. His conviction is; Knowledge without application is of no significance. The ultimate objective of life is to help people in achieving personal and professional goals.
He is living with a mission to develop leaders of excellence and integrity across the globe.
Raakesh KRIPLANI is a business coach and young power-house of motivation and leadership, He has completed his MA (Psy) / MSC(Psy) / FCED.
He is globally recognised as Management Guru, HR Trainer, Management Thinker, Leadership trainer, Developmental authority and author, Corporate Trainer of India. His coaching has helped millions to achieve personal and professional goals.
To his credits, he has conducted over 730 workshops, influenced over 96,000 participants across the world. He has crafted more than 50 trainers and imparted training to design, develop and conduct programmes in the area of Training and Development. He has contributed 10 years in conducting training programmes to the tune of 20, 107 training hours.
First counseling clinic with ISO 9001 2008 certification
point Vast experience as a practicing Psychologist from last 14 years
point Post graduate [MA/MSC Psychology] in Psychology
Has delivered more than 730 workshops on topics related to psychology, parenting, mental health, school psychology, child ,marital issues, work life balancing etc.
point Have been invited by more than 150 schools organization and MNC all over India and abroad
point Foot prints and presence in 7 states and 25 metro and B - towns in India
point Have teaching experience with Psychology dept, physiotherapy, homeopathy, dietetics and other clinical fields.
point Has seen around more than 5000 patients with more than 30000 hours of sessions
point Have been interview by major fm channels and news papers
point Placed as number 1 page on Google page as best psychologist in India
point Has worked with neurology, dietetics, homeopathy ,Ayurveda ,physiotherapy , obesity ,psychiatry ,sexology, cancer etc
point With various schools and colleges as visiting psychologist and trainer
Guide for research on interior and psychology. Ayurved and IQ. Cancer and psychology, prevalence of psychological problems in school etc.
Application of psychological principles and eastern ancient science under umbrella of western terminology and research to apply it in day to day life as individual or company for betterment of human race. To make people think in rational way through understanding the concept of cause effect management protocol.
To identify perceptual virus in individuals or groups mind, to install positive softwares of change and to run antivirus of support system, so that system automatically eliminates the virus from mind for better performance and relationship.
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